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Chronicle: Tour in the capital city with beauty queens sparkle

Faustino Salcedo | Feb 29, 2012

The five candidates during their visit to the canopy in the Tiscapa Lagoon. | Photographer: Faustino Salcedo

Many touristic attractions of Managua were visited by the candidates for Queen of the Carnival "Alegría por la Vida".

The core of Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua, the "Lake Xolotlán girlfriend", noisy at night and at day, has touristic places of great historical value considered as the main attraction for residents and foreigners. Yesterday the city was conquered by 5 of the 12 candidates for Queen of the Carnival "Alegría por la Vida" 2012. However, the beauty of Managua wasn't overshadowed, instead, it became the perfect time for her to flirt showing everybody how interesting as a destination she can be.

The trip was programed for nine o'clock in the morning, but the candidates made the press wait so they could admire their beauty even more later. The city was anxious for showing her mystery and experiences engraved in every corner to the visitors so they could get amazed by it. Some journalists made the effort to resist the waiting, others just couldn't hold it and left. The desperation was notable, and at the moment when everyone was going to complain with the organizer, appeared the vehicle with the contenders for the title of beauty queen.

The minibus that carried the media and the young ladies arrived to the National Palace of Culture build in 1935. This building 40 years ago used to be the chamber for the members of parliament, then, in 1987 it became the National Museum. Later, in 1996 it was totally redesigned and now is known as the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture and the National Library Rubén Darío. This structure has an historical value for it's infrastructure and significant events such as: the taken and kidnapping of the members of parliament in 1978 and the celebration of the revolution triumph in 1979 at the plaza located in front of the principal entrance of the Palace.

The five young ladies took a walk inside the colossus building, and after posing for the cameras in every hall, they moved to the ancient Cathedral Santiago of Managua, situated in front of the National Palace of Culture. Nowadays, the Cathedral is closed to public because it's structure broke with the earthquake in 1972. One interesting thing occurred in this terrible event is that the clock stopped exactly at midnight with 5 minutes. It has been cataloged as a Managuan symbol of the XXth century. Today, this magical place gave a touch of elegance to the candidates photographs. The Cathedral represented the introduction to modern architecture in Nicaragua, far from being a bulk of stones or simple rubbles, exhibit the nostalgia of the capital city.

Near the Palace is also the port "Salvador Allende". We were driven to the place, even though some of the passengers wanted to walk but at the end they just resigned to the idea. At this moment, we were at the Xolotlán lake -boyfriend of Managua- shore. The wind and the girls gave it an aphrodisiac touch without exaggerate. A journalist remembered the golden ages when she traveled with her lover to the Island of Love, which now is semi- submerge beneath the gray waters of the lake.

What would think the Chilean president Salvador Allende if he watched how five girls visit a restaurant complex that carry his name? Probably he would wanted to be there, like the ones who were. The wind blowed with strength as if was going to tear up the candidates dresses, whom never complained about the failed attempts of the invisible guest. The journey went on and took us to a place with much more natural and historical value: We arrived to the park of the volcanic lagoon of Tiscapa.

The girls were excited, they wanted to do canopy, which is a service given by the Mayoralty of Managua. Everyone were with the necessary equipment for do the activity: the helmet, gloves and harnesses. They were only waiting the order of the INTUR's delegate in Managua, Martha Baltodano, who said to them "no" with a sorrowful voice, explaining that she didn't bring the right outfit.

The tour ended with a caballo vallo, typical Nicaraguan food in the restaurant El Garabato. "If they weren't going to compete for Queen of the Carnival, they will capable to eat all the restaurant", joked Adelayde Rivas, the person in charge of the public relations of the contest. At the end, everyone took a walk and ate, for now all the candidates hope for the beauty contest day, which is on March 2 and Managua is just watching.

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Translated by Olga Ortiz Kurashvili