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Ethnic Lubaruan Documentary exhibits in Managua

Redacción ViaNica | Sep 30, 2014

A scene captured while filming Labaraun. Photo: Luna Films

The film about the Caribbean Garifuna people of Nicaragua and Honduras will be available at the capitol's cinema.

This Wednesday October first at 7:00 pm opens in Cinemas Galeria Managua the documentary piece "Lubaraun" produced by Luna Films, this piece closely approaches the culture and history of Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people focused on communities living in Nicaragua and Honduras. After the premiere, the film will be openly available to the public in the same theater.

Lubaraun is a follow-up documentary work to "The Black Creoles" which addresses other Caribbean people of African descent and was released in 2011, afterwards filmmakers María José Álvarez and Martha Clarissa Hernández from Luna Films said they would prepare an exclusive new film about the Garifuna resulting now in this new release.

The name of this new film means "Encountering..." and it narrates in the community's native languages (Garifuna and Creole, subtitled in Spanish) through four characters, the identity of Garifuna people named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its purpose is to capture this community into the public's imagination and reaffirm it as a part of the Nicaraguan and Central American identity, said the filmmakers.

The film already had its world premiere last February 8th in the village of Orinoco Pearl Lagoon (RAAS), considered the national capital of the Garifuna people.

In addition to regular showtime at 7:00 pm, Labaraun will also be available in a morning showtime at 9:00 am with a special 50% discount for groups of over 50 people, headed to the student community. Thus, each individual ticket cost C$57.50 Cordobas.

The official synopsis of the film expresses "Lubaraun is an ethnographic documentary film with elements of a road movie, filmed between the Caribbean of Nicaragua and Honduras. Endearing characters reveal the worldview of the Garifuna Nation. A journey to the roots, a meeting with their ancestors, a story of family strength, united by the same sea.