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Hostal Sueño Feliz

(505) 8876 5573
(505) 8478 5243

Capacity: 11 people
Region: San Carlos


  • Natural Setting
  • Open 24/7
  • Meals served
  • Solar Power


  • Transport terminal
  • Lake
  • Small Grocery Shop(s)
  • Restaurants

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This small hostel has a harmonious environment. Is located in the tiny village of El Refugio, where most of the families of the Macarron Island live, in the Archipelago of Solentiname. The rustic local offers rooms of great simplicity, small and very clean, all with a shared bathroom; also a cabin with private bathroom for up to 4 people. Here the familiar atmosphere is total, and the attention is offered by the family of Luis Carbonero and Esperanza Rosales, both artisans. Read how to come here below.

Another telephone numbers with WhatsApp availabe are: (505) 85829024 y (505) 87431573.

A nice garden receives the visitors before the hall of the hostel, where hang hammocks to enjoy the peace of the island. Also there is a very small library available for the guests with differents books; the hostel accepts donations of books, or exchange for services or traditionals handicrafts.

Rooms rates include breakfast: fruits, coffee and bread. Lunch and dinner services are also available for C$120 in options like fish, pork, beef and vegetarian (pasta and vegetables). You can see below the menu.

Another available services from Hostal Sueño Feliz are visits and tours to the Mancarron island main attractions, as well as to the neighbooring island and Los Guatuzos wildlife reserve.

In the hostel also works the family workshop and gallery of traditional crafts of Solentiname, in balsa wood. Likewise, here can be ordered guided tours (walks and boat) to the nearby attractions or activities such as traditional fishing, making handicrafts, night sighting of wildlife, among others.

How to get here
First of all you need to reach San Carlos city. You can do that by plain from International Airport in Managua, by boat from Granada and Altagracia (Ometepe) or by road from any Nicaraguan point linket to the road network.

From San Carlos there is a public boat services leaving every Tuesday and Friday from "Muelle Municipal" at 1:00 PM; this same boat come to San Carlos from Solentiname since 5 AM this same days of the week; price: C$90. There is also available a daily conection with Transol company for US$10 per person; this option leave from San Carlos at 3:00 PM and from Mancaron Island at 900 AM.


  • Pescador: Ajillo fish, rice, beans, tostones, salade, a natural fruit juice.
  • Corralito: chicken (with vegetables, or orange, or cream or fried); rice, beans, tajadas (fried platain), a natural fruit juice.
  • Carnivoro: fried beef or pork, rice, beans, corn tortilla, salade and a natural fruit juice.
  • Vegetarian: Pasta with cheese and cream; rice, beans, vegetables and a natural fruit juice.


  • Artisan for a day: making and painting of handycraft. US$10 por persona incluido refrigerio. Duración: 4 horas.


  • Tour to El Peñon with a superb view over the archipelago and Mancarroncito wetland. By land US$15 per person; by boat US$25 per person. Duration: 2-4 hours.
  • Night Tour: to watch of birds, crocodriles and turtles. Cost: 1-3 People US$60; 5-8 people US$70. Duration: 4 hours.

Traditional fishing in Solentiname. Duration: 2-3 hours. Cost: veries depending on the participants.

Local Tour Cost: 6 people US$65:

  • Isla de los monos
  • Isla San Fernando
  • Isla la Venada (Painters)

Indigenous Cave (El Anti gal). Cost: 1-3 people US$50; 5-8 people US$60. Duration: 2 horas.

Tour to Mancarroncito: Cost: 1-4 people US$80.

Tour to Zapotillo (Birds Island). Cost: 1-4 people US$90.

Tour to Los Guatuzos. Cost: 1-5 people US$120. Duration: 5 Horas.

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