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Tours: Concepción Volcano

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  • Choncoteciguatepe Tour

    Asociacion de Guias Comunitarios de Altagracia

    The Concepción Volcano Nature Reserve is the second largest active volcano (after San Cristóbal Volcano) in Nicaragua with 1,610 meters (5280 feet). It has one of the best sunrises of all volcanoes in the Maribios mountain range, and it shelters variety of orchids.

    The tour begins in the morning. It starts from the Central Park in Altagracia or the entrance to the community of La Sabana. After traveling for 1 hour on a wide trail, we will reach the entrance of the Reserve. This is where the adventure becomes more exciting due to the rough and winding road that we will have to walk to get to the summit.

    A variety of dry tropical vegetation can be observed, including abundant orchids, dwarf forests and lava flows that confirm ancient eruptions. Also, different landforms can be seen, like islands, coasts, hills and wetlands.

    After four hours of travel we will reach our final destination: the crater of the volcano. The interior is covered with clouds that emanate gas and prevents visitors from staying to much time at the top.

    The wind, the fog, the heat of the surface and the cold air will force you to descent a little bit to a comfortable site to eat and regain the needed energy for the return trip. As you return by the same path, you may appreciate the landscape as the sky clears up. Also, hiking down the volcano may be easier than the hike up. The duration of the hike depends on the physical and mental condition of the tourist.

    The tour ends at the entrance to the community of La Sabana or the central park of Altagracia.


    Starting at US$24.40

    -Bilingual Guide
    -First Aid kit
    -2 bottled water (1.5 lt)
    -Sandwich (meat or vegetarian)
    -Entrance fee.

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  • Concepcion Volcano Tour

    Unión de Guías de Ometepe

    The departure place is at the UGO offices in Moyogalpa (in front of the Moyogalpa port) at 6 AM. The journey to the volcano base has started. From here, we will begin the walk to some farming lands. During winter, these areas are full of crops; however, on summer the land becomes dry.

    After 45 minutes of road, the wooded area begins. In here, many centenary trees and wildlife can be appreciated. This area extends up to 900 meters height. After passing the forest, the road becomes more challenging, still the view is better. The terrain is volcanic and has little vegetation like orchids. During a clear day, the Pacific Ocean can be seen.

    From the 1,200 meters in height and up to the crater (1,600 meters), the land is completely arid, rocky and some volcano fumaroles can be noticed. Sometimes the summit of the volcano is covered by clouds that create a mysterious scenario. Other times it is clear, and the view is magnificent.

    -Comfortable shoes
    -Mosquito repellent
    -3 litres of water
    -Jacket or waterproof jacket.


    Starting at US$40.00

    -Bilingual Guide
    -First Aid kit
    -Pick up/Drop off to the Hotel in Moyogalpa or UGO office at Moyogalpa.
    -Picnic (coffee, juice, fruit salad)
    -Gloves and ropes
    -Entrance fee to the volcano.

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