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Granada and Isletas: carriage tour and boat tour


This tour bring together two of the classic adventures in Granada: visit to the historic colonial center in a horse-drawn carriage, and then visit the islets in Cocibolca Lake, where you will feed monkeys, and then take lunch in a island, after what enjoy a pool and hammocks for a while.

Note: This tour could change the order of the elements: (ONE) start with the horse-drawn carriage tour in the colonial center of Granada, and then continue with the visit to the islets until the afternoon. (TWO) Start with the visit to the islets, and then finish with the horse-drawn carriage tour in the city.

ONE (carriage and boat): We will start at 9 AM picking you up in your hotel in Granada city or the Central Park, from where we will begin the carriage tour in the colonial center. We will watch several streets, monuments and building, like the iconic Cathedral, San Francisco church and museum, Guadalupe Church en La Calzada. After one hour we will take the boat from the lake shore to start the lake tour. We will watch 75 islets and get to the monkeys island, where we will feed them with fruits. Then, we will get the Correviento Restaurant in an island. There, we will have lunch with a tropical juice (included). Next, we will spend a while on this island, enjoying the pool, the hammocks and the lake’s breeze. At 3 PM, the boat will take us back to mainland, where we will conclude the tour. The carriage or a taxi well drop you off in your hotel or central park.

TWO (boat and carriage): We will star at 10 AM picking you up in your hotel in Granada city or the Central Park, and we will get the lake shore. We will begin from there the islets adventure: tour among 75 of them, visit to the monkey island to feed them, and then, lunch (included), hammocks, pool and relax at Correviento restaurant in an island. At 2 or 3 PM we will go back to mainland, where the horse-drawn carriage will take us to visit the colonial city during an hour. Finally, the carriange will drop you off in your hotel in Granada city, or the central park.

Bring comfortable clothing for tropic, swimsuit and sunscreen. Bring extra cash of any extra dink or snack at the restaurant.


  • Carriage tour
  • Boat tour
  • Lunch and a tropical drink per person (could be a beer)
  • Pool and hammock at the restaurant
  • Pick up and drop off in your hotel (within Granada city) or the central park


  • Extra consumption in the restaurant.
  • English spoken tourguide.

Tips and Practical Information

  • Length of the tour: around 6:30 hours.
  • Beginning hour for this tour: 9 AM or 10 AM according of the preferred option.
  • Meeting point and finsing point: your hotel in Granada or the Central Park.
  • This tour is available the year long
  • Minimum participants for this tour: 1 person.
  • Maximum participants for this tour: indefinite.

Departure place(s)

Your hotel in Granada city or the central park.

Departure time(s)

  • 9.00 AM
  • 10.00 AM


Participants Price
1 US$ 80.00 per person
2 US$ 50.00 per person
3 US$ 50.00 per person
4 US$ 50.00 per person
5 US$ 40.00 per person
6 US$ 40.00 per person
7 US$ 40.00 per person
8 US$ 40.00 per person
9 US$ 40.00 per person
10 US$ 40.00 per person
11 US$ 40.00 per person
12 US$ 40.00 per person
13 US$ 40.00 per person
14 US$ 40.00 per person
15 US$ 40.00 per person
16 US$ 40.00 per person
17 US$ 40.00 per person
18 US$ 40.00 per person
19 US$ 40.00 per person
20 US$ 30.00 per person
21 US$ 30.00 per person
22 US$ 30.00 per person
23 US$ 30.00 per person
24 US$ 30.00 per person
25 US$ 30.00 per person
26 US$ 30.00 per person
27 US$ 30.00 per person
28 US$ 30.00 per person
29 US$ 30.00 per person
30 US$ 30.00 per person
31 US$ 30.00 per person
32 US$ 30.00 per person
33 US$ 30.00 per person
34 US$ 30.00 per person
35 US$ 30.00 per person
36 US$ 30.00 per person
37 US$ 30.00 per person
38 US$ 30.00 per person
39 US$ 30.00 per person
40 US$ 30.00 per person

Terms and Conditions

General Conditions Asociacion de Lancheros Don Bosco

Cancellation Without Penalty:
Cancellations made at least 5 days before the day of the tour will not incur any penalties.

Cancellation Penalties:
Cancellations made with less than 5 days before the tour day will be charged 50% of the total cost. In case of no-use of the reserved service or no -show will be charged the amount of 75% of the total cost. These amounts will be additionally to non-refundable deposit of 10% previously paid.