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Tourism Cabinet from the Pacific met for the first time

Róger Solórzano Canales | Sep 1, 2015

Work group during the meeting. Photo courtesy RCV Project Management Unit

Public-private managing entities from Ruta Colonial y de los Volcanes exchanged experiences.

Representatives from the departmental and municipal Tourism Cabinet from the region of the Ruta Colonial y de los Volcanes (the Colonial and Volcanoes Trail, in English) met for the first time in the city of Leon, for a coordination meeting of two days (28th and 29th of August) to exchange on their experiences. How has been the experience of each office in its locality so far? How could each destination be better promoted? How could we strengthen the partnerships between the public and private sectors to achieve better results? Those were the core topics of the meeting.

This was, actually, the first event gathering the different offices created in the majority of the municipalities of the six departments of the Ruta Colonial y de los Volcanes Project: the departments of Chinandega, León, Managua, Masaya, Granada and Rivas. Those offices are associations composed of public servants, private businessmen, local organizations, promoters and other entities involved in the dynamics of local tourism (municipalities and departments), and which fonction is to coordinate efforts and define objectives.

This first meeting, announced via a press release from the involved authorities, gathered representatives of 30 offices, some municipal and others from the departments. This event is also the finalization of a two-year follow-up which aimed at strengthening those territorial offices and which achieved the consolidation of 54 tourism offices, according to the official information. Such effort was coordinated by the Project Management Unit of the Ruta Colonial y de los Volcanes project (technical unit directed by the Cooperation Agency of Luxembourg, LuxDev), and was implemented by the central office and the departmental delegations of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo, INTUR), with funds from the European Union (EU).

“It (the meeting) was very important to me, because we were able to see how each office is working and we saw the expectations each of them have; besides we created a link with everyone, searching how to reach a point of common efforts”, told Yasmira Navas, participant for the Departmental Office of Chinandega, to “At the end, we shared plans of action and we signed a letter of intent”, added Navas.

On the second day of the event, the representatives from the participating offices went on a tour on the so called “Ruta Rubén Darío” (Rubén Darío Trail), where they were able to visit historical buildings related to the famous poet, from his house to the Cathedral, where is his mausoleum.

Translated by Clémentine Haudecoeur